The world someone has school have school has “three A”

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Chalk production process

Brand support

Zhiheng chalk is committed to build "three A", "three ji" brand chalk, there are more than 20 years of professional production experience.

Clean lime powder

Main ingredients are calcium carbonate (limestone) and calcium sulfate (gypsum), or containing a small amount of calcium oxide, add grease class or poly alcohol as a binder.


The copper mold, production: 500 / time / 5 minutes, nissan (8 hour) : 48000, high production efficiency, meet the needs of you.

The drying process

Special Environmental friendly chalk drying box, using hot air circulation drying oven high temperature resistant axial flow fan with low noise and automatic temperature control system.

Export packing

In accordance with the requirements for foreign customers, have specific provision for packaging, can provide carton sample to zhiheng chalk, we will be produced in accordance with the specifications.

Logistics delivery

Domestic use logistics checked, foreign trade, shipping logistics, quality service, and commitment.

Sales hotline +86-768-6202539

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Chaozhou zhiheng chalk factory

Guangdong chaozhou zhiheng chalk factory, our factory is specializing in the production of "three A", "three ji" brand, high-grade dustless chalk, teaching process of chalk, medicine chalk, garment tailor's chalk, special-shaped chalk, toy chalk, refined chalk powder, chalk, mould, etc ...



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The usefulness ...
Cloth cutting tailor's chalk tend to have what use? , it is said that the cloth cutting chalk is mainly used to delimit the clothes clipping lines, convenient pattern cutter for cutting. Whatever we now what cloth cutting chalk will also have magical effect, we should always be on the function of chalk as a kind of pursuit of our own. Cloth cutting chalk is applied to various aspects, this is necessity of progressive era. Because the application of chalk has been gradually popularized. Cheap and
What are the ty...
Zhiheng chalk chalk production by types are:Teaching, ship chalk chalk, Environmental friendly chalk, process chalk, toys, clothing tailor's chalk, medicine chalk chalk, six arrises chalk, etc., can also be customized according to customer demand production of various kinds of chalk, contact phone number: 0768-6202539
What is a green...
Added a small amount of Environmental friendly chalk moistureproof agent, so the Environmental friendly chalk storage for a long time also won't spoil. And ordinary chalk is different, common chalk long time storage is extremely easy to moisture absorption, the hardness decreased, resulting in chalk writing brittle condition; ...

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