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Modern chalk in the diversified development

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Before the traditional chalk eliminated gradually in the progress of science and technology, it is because there are many adverse factors, replaced by the new chalk that is inevitable. Modern classification of chalk. More powerful functions. Surface is also more widely used in domestic sales volume is constantly increasing, at the same time is also very popular in foreign countries. Sales of different types of chalk. Good reputation, also marks the stationery industry has rapid progress. Before we think of chalk can be used in the teaching, also only this functionality, but now can make a lot of kinds of appearance, the chalk as well as all kinds of material is added in the chalk, can let it play a different function. This is also in order to adapt to the modern multiplication demand.

For example, we now have a special process of chalk this chalk is a big help for interpretation of modern technology. Want to have previously ignored or has to be eliminated by people again aroused people's concern. Then repackaged. Even multi-angle consideration. Like chalk, our thinking can't, just can't put this purely as a teaching tool, is just a teaching tool. It can also play the role of the other. We can not to other aspects of development. Stand on a different perspective, open vision. Chalk is got more broad space for development. You will find a piece of chalk can play a large role in many field


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