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Clothing chalks how to meet export standards

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Clothing chalk

Each country during garment production and processing are carried out by the designer to design a good future, then cut, and finally to carry out the production of clothing. But we are making the production of garments, we'll use a very special material, we call it the Garment chalk. When making use of this material, the biggest role to play, that is, we conduct cutting process, in accordance with a fixed version to be cut. Especially handmade clothing, garment must use chalk to stroking operation in the future, in order to be cut. Guarantee during garment production, we can meet the standard.

So our domestic garment making chalk production process, he is generally in accordance with our domestic standards during production. But these garment chalk there is no way you can get up international sales, so if they produced clothing chalk to meet export standards, it must be in accordance with international parameters for production.

Zhiheng is now conducting its own garment factory chalk chalk production process is in accordance with international standards during production. So chalk it produced, not only in domestic sales is better, but also in the international arena has also been recognized by other countries. After all, the quality of the product can be strictly guaranteed, and sales prices very affordable.

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