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Pharmaceutical chalk export medicines to ensure that content standards

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Pharmaceutical chalk

Pharmaceutical chalk during the production process, for which drug content, has a very strict quality standards. Chalk making our domestic pharmaceutical production process which, for its own domestic set of parameters required is a standard. But if we get the other countries to be sold, each State content standards for pharmaceutical medicine chalk, has a different orientation. So if it is for other countries to sell their products, it is necessary during production, to understand their own production standards in other countries. So that their talent for product production.

We can see Heng chalk factory during chalk export sales are generally for the Middle East to sell products. So he making chalk pharmaceutical production process, is added in accordance with the content of drugs in the Middle East and other regions, to add drugs. And the effect of after use also comply with local medicine for chalk effect. Thus his product sales in the Middle East are relatively high.

Since we have been home for the development of this product is more advanced, and the cost of production is not particularly high. So chalk medicine during export, the more popular of these countries. After all, their production costs are lower, so the time of sale, price is not particularly expensive.

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