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A piece of chalk in the teaching, the application of the fashion

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Said the other, not just a thought of chalk, us an impression that the blackboard, the teacher. This is part of the memory. People born in the nineties, in particular, chalk is their childhood is the most profound memory. But slowly, with the development of the society, the use of chalk face also increasingly widely. We have some more special field, garment tailor's chalk shouldn't be a stranger. The designer must be used at the time of tailoring clothes is arrived. Draw on a piece of fabric on the quantity of a good size, according to the size of cutting to make clothes to fit me. In the memory of childhood, there is a mother holding a kind of like the tailor's chalk of the triangle cut flat clothing. At that time also secretly get some mother's tailor's chalk on the ground or the graffiti on the wall.

Now regardless of what kind of chalk is improved, it is more convenient to use, the key is more safe. In advocate environmental protection s, we are continuous improvement for daily use update, make sure its no pollution, like chalk dust flying everywhere in our memory phenomenon has disappeared. We now use is the refined this material to produce chalk chalk powder is Environmental friendly, no dust. So now the Environmental friendly chalk is a popular, harmless to the body, the price is not expensive. The masses reflect quite well. There are a lot of schools have used clean Environmental friendly chalk.


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