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Chalk widely used in modern teaching

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Chalk implemented the classroom every section of our entire school days, for us it is familiar and simple. Teachers use it to impart knowledge to us, nurturing future generations of the country. Most of the time we hate chalk flying days when hate duty effaceurs smoking a voice of chalk, the people have become the white. Class occasionally spoof about our collection chalk blow to the students, or sneak off half chalk beat a classmate. Now we begin to miss those good old days, we went back to wake up sleepy more elementary classroom, math teacher with a heavy twang in speaking mixing operation.

Time will not stop, we continue to grow, in continuous development and social progress. Country more and more attention to education, chalk for the kids and teachers about the health hazards but also by the attention. Before the kind of chalk has gradually withdrawn from the market, the emergence of new scientific and technological achievements, a new teaching chalk dust chalk instead of the original. With chalk, we hate the problem has been resolved, which issues are no longer a problem. No dust flying sky days, now have to protect the health of children. Tech achievements to our lives given protection to perfectly healthy children can learn and grow in the future to serve the motherland.

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