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What are the application of crude chalk

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Meal than, I believe many people do not understand, because we chalk chalk factory production, both in kind, or in the range of styles is extremely. Variety complex chalk, it has made many people feel at a loss. Birth chalk is to make people fully aware of the importance of marking, whether it is easy to write, or other applications, in short, chalk use is very extensive. Crude chalk is chalk a relatively large diameter, but that large chalk models only, where crude chalk chalk does not mean shoddy, now, poor quality of chalk has been out of the market, and no amount of chalk have arrived, However, the emergence of some new chalk, chalk with these different forms of application. Cockroach chalk can also effectively kill cockroaches. Because these insects after stained cockroach chalk powder, pathogenicity will die soon, this is an effective way to kill pests, but not being used. Chalk crude market has been very stable.

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