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To prevent the harm of chalk dust

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Faculty members are exposed to dust first is chalk, its composition first calcium carbonate (limestone), and a small amount of calcium chloride. Chalk dust though and coal mines, quarries, cement plant, asbestos factory in the industrial and mining enterprises in the process of produce the onset of dust can't equate (the latter have obvious cause of pulmonary fibrosis, silicosis, lung and danger), but in the faculty of blackboard writing or clean the blackboard process, so many fine chalk dust, such as do not add protection, "eat chalk" too much, also can affect health. Therefore, to avoid the chalk dust invasion, the faculty health is very important.

So, how do we to avoid chalk dust damage?

First, try to reduce the chalk dust attack. First is to pay attention to clean the blackboard trick, clean the blackboard action when light, hand blackboard eraser, silently strength pressure on the blackboard, slowly moving from the side wipe sequence to the other side, avoid by all means is the up and down or so disorderly wipe. Want to notice blackboard writing method, a methodical, systematic blackboard writing, not only benefit students take notes together, also can avoid to wipe the writing, wrote a brush unnecessary repeated, more should avoid write while speak bad habit, so that we can avoid chalk dust useful seizures and chalk dust to the person's harm.

Secondly, to reduce the contact with chalk dust. During class, should as far as possible will doors and Windows open ventilation, the use of air activities will dust as soon as possible and lax to the classroom. Even the cold winter, also should clean the blackboard in the front of the doors and Windows open platform, in order to adhere to the air inside the classroom fresh. In addition, the classroom should insist on certain humidity, this is because the air is drab, chalk dust more easy floating flap, especially diameter in 5 micron once the small particles in the air floating hour will be longer. In the classroom can be used on the ground water method to air humidity. Such as blackboard writing quantity is not big, also can use wet cloth clean the blackboard.

Third, expand the range of activity, after class immediately wash up. The platform is chalk dust around the most local, teachers can through expanding the range of activity to avoid chalk dust attacks. Don't always stands on the platform, and can be used break hour lecture space (students preview, do exercise, silent reading) to the window or the classroom back in fresh air. The class without conditions timely wash the hands of chalk, after class should be namely to shovel, and outside sweep on the chalk dust.

Fourth, transform teaching method. Writing on the blackboard chalk dust attack is the direct reason, therefore, use as far as possible to reduce the blackboard writing teaching method. Follow the computer widely, the use of projector, multimedia teaching methods, especially the introduction of multi-function trolley, can fundamentally eradicate chalk dust attack. In addition, white chalk, clean the blackboard eraser and so on also have the development, produce, sell, conditional will choose as far as possible, in order to avoid chalk dust to affect the health of teachers.

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