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Teach you FenBiZi practice

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Brush calligraphy from the point of view, from the regular script practice on, this step is the most important. Then running script and cursive script. Regular script is from yan, liu, Europe and zhao four regular script choice of its like person to practice.

Brush calligraphy is written, other pen and chalk, etc hard-pen natural written, this kind of training more time-consuming milli god.

Such as whether brush calligraphy, an hour.than play games, FenBiZi, or other words, to write well, the truth is the same, that is based on the practice.

A, chalk. Chalk is made with chalk soil processing cylinder writing tool. Characteristic is short and thick, inelastic, easily broken, wear fast, belong to hard-pen. FenBiZi is wear chalk itself and tracks, a large number of chalk, pollution of the environment, the influence is healthy. At present although have clean chalk for a while, but the hardness is too big, not easy writing, needs to be improved.

White chalk to write on the blackboard, black and white, contrast is strong, the handwriting is very eye-catching. Colored chalk can enhance performance effect, chalk is carries on the classroom teaching blackboard writing and social propaganda tool.

Easy-to-use chalk should soft hard moderate, pure no grains of sand. Too hard, write strokes will carefully, writing when still can appear harsh paddling sound. Chalk of choose and buy, want to see handwriting cylindrical surface bright and clean and no dross, colour is pure. 2 hear handwriting cross fall the desktop will have a clear voice. Third, we will try strokes of a Chinese character, writing without folding don't slip, no grains of sand, handy.

Storage should be moistureproof, hockey, prevent pressure. Too hard chalk before use available wet towel bag over for a moment, do softening treatment. Too soft chalk can be basked in below sunshine air to increase hardness.

Second, the blackboard

At present the school use the blackboard cement the blackboard, wooden the blackboard, ground glass blackboard, the paper the blackboard, magnetic blackboard... .

With smooth surface (easy to write easy wipe) but not reflective, don't skid, black uniform, without noise, have a certain degree of acerbity the blackboard for good.

Three, the blackboard eraser

Brush the eraser and felt board eraser widely used, but use will cause dust float in the sky, not good for the health. Appear in the market now the dust blackboard eraser, electric dust blackboard eraser, etc, the effect is not very ideal, so can also use wet dishcloth, but should pay attention to in the wipe, and the moisture of the blackboard after working to use.

The second quarter FenBiZi writing position

The blackboard is erect fixed on the wall, therefore, FenBiZi can only stand in front of the blackboard, using "stand cantilever" posture writing.

When writing should pay attention to do: the head flat, body is, arm bent, foot stability.

Head flat is in order to guarantee the smooth line of sight, write the words in the ranks. With the change of writing height, but slightly elevated downward, but always keep smooth head not skew.

The body is refers to the good body not skewed. Want to be along with writing about the position of change and translation. Straight is not rigid and inflexible, should be based on natural and easy, writing is convenient for good.

Arm bent refers to write right arm QuCheng rectangular, for to the height of the eye the most convenient to writing. Writing position with the fluctuation, high changes, the bending degree of arm also will be corresponding change. The left hand or a book or according to the blackboard or prolapse, should be relaxed natural convenient shall prevail.

Sufficient stability is refers to the bipod stands apart, in order to maintain the balance of the body, stable. With the change of writing height, can on tiptoe or bend one's knees, random strain (brush posture of made potential TiBi).

Classroom teaching FenBiZi writing should pay attention to the following:

1, demonstration. The teacher in the classroom writing blackboard writing, is also do write FenBiZi performance. Students not only to imitate the teacher's words, also want to imitate the teacher write posture. Therefore, the teacher not only to be able to write a good word, should also pay attention to your posture to beautiful generous, everywhere is a teacher by worthy example. Never can casually, hu write disorderly painting.

2, flexibility. In order to strengthen the teaching quantity, the teacher let the students watch sometimes direct writing process, at this time, request body don't block the word. Writing pose to flexible adjustment, and keep the body state's generosity.

3, utensils. The blackboard layout, a wide range of writing, need timely mobile body, transformation posture. (demonstration and practice area transformation)

4, intermittent. That is talking and writing, not one. (key strokes of a Chinese character writing, is must stop to let the students see clear, sometimes even writing twice or more)

The third quarter of FenBiZi pencraft method

Chalk form short, quality of a material is loose, easily broken. Because of this characteristic, plus the blackboard put particularity, FenBiZi pencraft method and brush calligraphy, an hour.than play games are not all the same. The correct method is: chalk pen body neither vertical, nor inclined depend on a narrow, but in the hand heart, all by fingers pinched pen. Using your thumb and middle finger first quarter refers to belly to knead chalk, his index finger at the top pressure pen, point in the same circles. Ring finger and little finger in the status of natural curly and middle finger coordinate. Palm empty, knuckle outside protruding, the oval, flexion and flexible. Knead nearly written, avoid broken. Pen body and panel into 30 ° Angle is advisable.

The fourth quarter of FenBiZi petition forum method

Write FenBiZi is teachers' special requirements. FenBiZi write well, can give students the enjoyment with the United States. On the contrary, will give students bad impression, directly affecting the teaching effect and teacher's prestige. Therefore, the teacher should make great efforts to FenBiZi practice.

Write FenBiZi, "word is the key, strokes of a Chinese character is the foundation. To write good strokes of a Chinese character, should make clear above all what kind of strokes of a Chinese character is a good stroke. Generally speaking, good strokes of a Chinese character should be vigorous strong, qi and blood coherent, look echo. To write so rich and colorful, vivid changeful strokes of a Chinese character, be about to rely on to use a variety of correct wield the pen method, but flat tow hard pull draw rigidity wooden line is no good.

No matter use what pen writing Chinese characters, always cannot leave after long-term summary has good traditional writing brushes luck. FenBiZi and an hour.than play games belong to hard-pen, wield the pen methods and skills are basically the same. Learn the brush calligraphy is an hour.than play games and petition forum of the method, it is to learn FenBiZi wield the pen method laid a foundation.

1, want to write weak or strong, have actual virtual, coarse thin, powerful dignified, elegant and relaxed different strokes of a Chinese character, be about to adjust the size of the force, good control of the ups and downs in the up and down movement, the subtle ask according to chalk, not equally.

2, want to write fluent, robust, just have soft strokes of a Chinese character, will control the petition forum, making a HangBi must have speed don't of, can't uniform wield the pen.

3, the blackboard is upright, chalk than pen coarse, can write characters

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